17th ICF Italia National Conference
Padua, 2-3 October 2020 (live streaming)

Coaching, World Heritage

Inspiration, creativity and beauty to create our best future


The year 2020 is revealing itself to be a major, even unique, moment for the entire world, one in which we have learnt to appreciate important things, simple things, to value the time we dedicate to ourselves and our loved ones, to understand the significance of life as such, of body and soul. Today more than ever, is the time to speak of beauty: beauty of our hearts, inner beauty, the beauty of life.

ICF Italia intends, for this reason, to celebrate beauty in all its principal events during 2020, and not least in its Annual Conference: beauty as a central theme for our future, as well as one of the most effective means to facilitate that creative inspirational process, cited in the definition of Coaching according to ICF.

A new format for the annual appointment with the ICF Italia National Conference

The National Conference is our most important institutional event, in which the association looks outward to meet the worlds of business, of public or academic associations, as well as its own associates, in order to take stock of the state of the art in Coaching and to look ahead to the near future. Our goal in this 2020 edition is to spread a message of trust, harmony and sustainability, in a historical moment where the need to unite towards a better future may be inspired by beauty in all its forms and meanings. For this reason, we have invited experts in coaching, entrepreneurs and academics who have used beauty as a tool for evolution, inspiring people and organizations with approaches linked to the theme of the 2020 Conference.

2 days together
8 Speakers

Why enrol in pills:

1. To have a unique experience
2. To stimulate the sense of community
3. For the presence of high-level speakers

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