Villa Ottoboni

A historic 16th century villa in Veneto; beautiful, high profile, efficient and functional

A perfect marriage between architecture and nature.

This is Villa Ottoboni, the magical venue chosen to host the 17th ICF Italia National Conference.

The first documents testifying to the existence of Villa Ottoboni date from 1545. The Villa owes its name Ottoboni family, an aristocratic Paduan dynasty that gave birth to, among others, Pope Alexander VIII. Between 1898 and 2003, scrupulous restoration reinstated the Villa to its original splendour, maintaining the structure and volumes of a complex that achieved its present layout at the beginning of the 20th century. The magical results of this painstaking work are there for all to see.

The centuries-old history of the Villa is reflected in its park: a tiny but sumptuous and luxurious “Garden of Eden”, full of trees and flowers of the widest range of species, cultivated and maintained with passion and skill by a team of specialists who work every day to guarantee its health. More than 200 square metres of absolute beauty, a visual and sensorial pleasure without limits; a perfectly balanced ecosystem that ensures unimaginable spectacle to be savoured and experienced. Something to behold with amazement and wonder.

The Conference will also be broadcasted live streaming (Digital Conference).

An oasis of peace and tranquillity a stone’s throw from Padua.

Inspiration, creativity and beauty could not find a more fitting venue.

Centro Congressi Villa Ottoboni – Via Padre E.Ramin, 1 – 35136 Padova – Tel: +39 049/8909728 –