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“Beauty is an experience we live in many fields: in contact with nature, admiring a work of art and, above all, when we recognize it in the person in front of us”.

Because Beauty:

  • is emotion, when
    we can share our emotions with others
  • is the perception of
    something harmonious, which gives us pleasure
  • is a point of view,
    since it is in the eyes of the beholder

The “Fil Rouge” of 2020 is Beauty and the 2020 Conference will be an explosion of beauty.
Where can we see Beauty? In nature, which provides us with beautiful and exciting sights, in ourselves because beauty is also purity of heart; beauty is interior and exterior, because we see beauty and magic in our partners, in our sessions, in our community.

To recognize the beauty, grandeur and strength of your own inner nature…. that’s what we’ll have you live and breathe in this ICF National Conference Italia.

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We know that people can release their own potential by making contact with the better parts of themselves. Beauty can therefore serve to create “resonance” with those parts, allowing them to emerge, transcending existing mental models.

Beauty has the power to touch the soul, facilitating access to an inner state where intuitions may occur that go beyond any connection that the cognitive mind is able to generate.

Why take part?

By taking part in the Conference, you will understand how to experience this enormous emotive power that Beauty can generate in personal and social growth, through a unique programme that will have several speakers of great prestige and renown as protagonists:

During these two days, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn from Peter Hawkins
  • reflect with Piero Ferrucci
  • be surprised with Enrico Loccioni
  • let yourself be infected with the ideas of  Fabrizio Dughiero
  • learn best practices with the winner of the  Prism Award
  • look ahead to the next 25 years of coaching with Rosarii Mannion (ICF Global Board)

We are thrilled, therefore, to host at the 17th ICF Italia National Conference Peter Hawkins, founder of the programme and author of Systemic Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership, to whom we will be able to pose all the questions that cross our minds on Systemic Coaching, which integrates individual and group coaching in a wider holistic approach, aligning individuals’ needs and those of their team with the goals of the organization and key results.

We will explore Beauty and the Soul with Piero Ferrucci, a psychotherapist and philosopher, a pupil of Roberto Assagioli, the creator of Psychosynthesis,  who will enable us to understand how experiencing beauty has the extraordinary power to make us happy, to stimulate our intelligence and to change the perception we have of ourselves and of the world. For we can find beauty everywhere: in a film, in music, in a landscape, in a face, in a thought. Even in a person’s inner world. But this precious resource is often forgotten.

We will meet Enrico Loccioni, a great entrepreneur who “started from nothing” more than fifty years ago and who has created, with his wife, an enterprise that, as well as being notable for innovation and dynamism, and for the generational “bridges” it builds, stands for many Italian productive realities as a model to be followed. With significant, concrete gestures, he has paid greater attention to care of the environment, to his employees, to the territory and to its inhabitants, contributing now to ensuring a cleaner and better future for our planet. In short, everything of beauty that can be found in a company. His important contribution has also been recognized by President Mattarella, who named him a Cavaliere del Lavoro.

We will be honoured by the presence of Fabrizio Dughiero, Deputy Rector of technological transfer and Director of the “Contamination Lab” of the University of Padua. This latter is a multidisciplinary cross-influencing project involving university students, new graduates, PhD students, research doctors, tutors, experts, professionals and companies, and aims to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, interdisciplinarity and the dissemination of new learning models, in order to discover and exploit young talents able and willing to dream about their future. Because beauty, combined with creativity and the innovation present in science, can certainly help to increase our opportunities for development.

We will be inspired by the speech of Maestro Davide Fagherazzi entitled “Interpret, create, inspire beauty in music”. With the collaboration of a string quartet, the three levels on which a musician operates in his task of interpreting an experience and telling it through musical language will be highlighted in order to arouse emotions in the listener that can inspire new interpretations of the experience.
In this process the musician reflects on beauty, first of all desiring it and wanting to know it, to then come to love it and transmit it, share it, so as to be able to generate new beauty.

The Coaching Prism Award 2020 will go to the organization that the jury, consisting of Silvia Tassarotti (Past President of ICF Italia and Chair of the Jury), Paolo Iacci (Managing Director of HR On line – AIDP), Serena Apicella (HR Director of Birra Peroni), Ugo Venier (Head of HR Corporate Energy transition and Foreign asset at SNAM Spa), will recognize for the high value of its internal Coaching and for its exploitation of programmes that, in compliance with the high ICF standards, accompany the organizations strategically and measurably in their evolution.

Lastly, Rosarii Mannion, Global Board Director of International Coaching Federation, Jean-Francois Cousin, Past Global Board Chair, and Isabelle Maes, Regional Development Manager, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ICF, will celebrate with us the first 25 years since its foundation and will speak of how coaching has changed, as well as looking ahead to the next 25 years and the way in which ICF will be transformed to become the leader of Coaching that is global and at the service of Humanity.

As well as being enriched by the experience and skills of these great speakers, you will have the opportunity to live the Conference interactively, with group works conceived to enable you to interact with the other participants, thereby increasing your possibilities of networking, whether you attend in person or digitally

We will therefore take a trip in harmony with Beauty, through the experience of people who will narrate the effects it has had on them and through the many scientific studies published in recent years.

Value added

  • ICF Members

    this is your Conference, an opportunity to exchange ideas, explore our Community for a future of Coaching and Humanity, and take stock of the state of the art in professional Coaching.

  • External professionals

    an opportunity for meetings and networking to discover the potentials that ICF Coaching offers.

  • Companies

    an event to discover from close up the world of Coaching and its professionals, to create connections and to have new ideas on how to make your company evolve.

  • Academics

    a chance for inspiration generated by Coaching, by beauty and by the opportunity for exchanges with international speakers.

  • Students

    a journey in the present and future of humanity, and of what inspiration can bring about for the potentialities of people and organizations who look beyond themselves.


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